Recent Calls
Sat. May 29th 2021
At 12:10 pm on May 29th Marion Twp Fire was dispatched to a dog stuck in a sink hole. As units arrived on scene they found a Lab/Pit mix named Ellie approximately 20 foot down inside a narrow opening ...
Wed. May 26th 2021
Mitchell FD with Marion FD as automatic mutual aid were called to a working structure fire on 8th street late on Wednesday night. Crews arrived to find a garage full involved with fire and power lines...
Sun. May 16th 2021
Sunday morning at 3:58 Marion Twp Firefighters with Mitchell City Firefighters responded to a kiln fire at the Lehigh Cement plant. Engine 52 arrived on scene found that the oil used to coat the raw m...
Sun. Mar 21st 2021
At 8:03 am Mitchell City Fire was dispatched to an explosion of an outbuilding at Lakeside Estates with one person injured in the explosion. Mitchell asked for Marion to be on standby then requested t...
Thu. Feb 18th 2021
Marion Twp Firefighters were dispatched as automatic mutual aid to the City of Mitchell Fire Dept for a working structure fire. Marion responded with Engine 52 and Tanker 53 due to a frozen fire hydra...

Welcome to Marion Township Fire Department Inc.

Hello all,

It's July so, Happy Independence Day. As you go out to celebrate the 4th of July remember to use extra caution when handling small or large explosives. Fireworks can be dangerous when not used properly. They land in fields and roofs and start fires. Little ones playing with fireworks can suffer injuries. So lets have a fire and trauma free 4th of July this year. 

With summer time fun comes summer time problems. Storms moving through the area have dropped a lot of rain on us, swelling the river and streams out of their banks and causing some issues. We have water across the roads in parts of our response area. Remember, if you see a "High Water" sign or see water across a roadway, if you think to yourself "I can probably make it through that"... are you willing to bet your life on a "Probably"? Many of the places that flood often have more than one route to get around it. Lawrenceport for example, you can take Stonington Road to Earl Road and get right around the flooded area. Sure it takes longer, but its a heck of a lot safer for you and your passengers. 

With July here I feel I should mention that most near drowning and drowning deaths occur in July than other summertime months. While it can happen anytime you are in water, it spikes in July for reported cases. This doesn't take into account of drowning deaths during a flood or boating related drownings. Those are classified in a different area from pool and open water swimming drownings. Please keep an extra eye on people when they are swimming you could be the difference.

Since we are halfway through the year I'll throw out some stats on what we have responded to this year as of June 30, 2021 We have responded to 294 incidents. The breakdown is as follows; 

Fires; 22.45 Percent  Auto Accidents; 9.52 Percent   EMS; 63.95 Percent   Rescues/Service; 4.08 Percent

Out of 181 days this year We have have responded to emergencies 143 of them. 63 days this year we have responded to 1 call a day. 80 days this year we have responded to 2 or more calls a day. 79.01 Percent of the time this year we are responding to an emergency. May 14th and June 10th have been the busiest days, both tied for 6 calls on those days. 71.43 Percent of the Auto Accidents have been with injury and 15 Percent of the motor vehicle accidents we have responded to required extrication from the vehicle.

We continue to train more and more to remain on top of our skills to provide the best service we can for our citizens and mutual aid partners. All while being prepared, and training, for the unknown emergencies that may arise

Lets all be careful out there. 

Paul D. Gillespie 

Fire Chief 

Marion Twp. Fire Dept.  

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