Recent Calls
Sun. Mar 21st 2021
At 8:03 am Mitchell City Fire was dispatched to an explosion of an outbuilding at Lakeside Estates with one person injured in the explosion. Mitchell asked for Marion to be on standby then requested t...
Thu. Feb 18th 2021
Marion Twp Firefighters were dispatched as automatic mutual aid to the City of Mitchell Fire Dept for a working structure fire. Marion responded with Engine 52 and Tanker 53 due to a frozen fire hydra...
Wed. Feb 17th 2021
Marion Twp Firefighters were called out as automatic mutual aid to the city of Mitchell for a working structure fire. Marion responded with 1 Engine and 1 Squad to assist. The homeowners pipes had fro...
Thu. Feb 11th 2021
Marion was dispatched as automatic mutual aid to Shawswick Fire Dept for a working structure fire in the 5000 block of River Road. Road conditions made responding to the scene greater than normal. Uni...
Sat. Feb 6th 2021
Marion fire dept was requested to assist Shawswick, Pleasant Run and Oolitic fire depts with a structure fire. Engine 51 arrived with 5 firefighters to assist. Fire was in the attic of a older home. ...

Welcome to Marion Township Fire Department Inc.

Hello all,

March was quite the month for the Firefighters at Marion Twp Fire Dept. Members responded to 20 fires, 5 motor vehicle accidents and 38 Medical calls for a total of 63 calls for the month of March. 

Spring has sprung and summer is rapidly approaching, and with that warm weather activities. Swimming, Hiking, hitting the caves in our area or just out driving around with the windows down and music turned up and enjoying the Southern Indiana landscape. Please pay attention to what you are doing, with the fun comes a certain level of danger. If you're not a strong swimmer, new to hiking, never been in a cave before...all these pose a certain level of risk taking and making sure you are safe while doing it. Even driving around with the music going, remember to be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on that rear view mirror, We might be behind you trying to get around and you can't hear us because of the music. I do the same, you may see me on the road with Pantera or some other metal band blaring from my truck...but check those mirrors often and remember to yield us the right of way when we have lights and sirens on. Also remember it's the law to move over when you see lights on the side of the highway. Police, Fire, Ambulance, Tow truck, etc. Move to the opposite side the lights are on and help keep us safe. Usually we will block the scene with the larger fire truck by parking at a 45 degree angle. This is to protect the personnel and victims on scene, you can help us by moving over. Believe me, the Police do not have any problem coming to talk to you about the "Move over Law" when you get to close to us. 

Lets all be careful out there. 

Paul D. Gillespie 

Fire Chief 

Marion Twp. Fire Dept.  

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