Recent Calls
Mon. Nov 9th 2020
Shawswick Twp, Pleasant Run Twp, Oolitic, Owen Twp (Jackson County) and Marion Twp Fire Depts. battled a structure fire on Old US 50 In Bedford. Units were on scene for several hours to bring the fire...
Sat. Oct 17th 2020
Marion was special called by Shawswick Fire to provide tanker and manpower to a reported structure fire at 9:14 pm. Engine 51 responded with 5 firefighters. Fire was knocked down on our arrival. Crews...
Fri. Oct 16th 2020
On 10/16/2020 Marion was special called at 4:44 to assist Huron Fire Dept. with a large corn field fire. The field was being brush hogged at the time of the fire. Lawrence County was under a red flag ...
Mon. Sep 14th 2020
Shawswick Fire Dept. with Pleasant Run Fire as automatic mutual aid was dispatched to a possible working structure fire on Dennison Schoolhouse Road. Marion was special called for Manpower and tanker ...
Tue. May 12th 2020
Mitchell Fire with Marion Fire as automatic mutual aid were dispatched to a structure fire in the 600 block of West Oak Street at 6:57 a.m. When crews arrived the found a well involved garage fire tha...

Welcome to Marion Township Fire Department Inc.

Hello all,

I wanted to personally thank all kids and parents who came out for the Halloween safe stop. We are so pleased that we had so many visitors and able to do the Safe Stop safely with masks, gloves and social distancing. I know it was a bit different this year with the marks on the floor and a pre-determined path to walk thru, but this was done for everybody's safety and all of you did a wonderful job! This allowed us to get the kids, who have had a rough 2020, some candy and get out to show off their costumes. 

Some of the smoke detectors have been delivered as of yesterday, there are more to come. I have all the emails that were sent in for the smoke detector survey and we are very hopeful to get these out in the next week or 2 and call this grant and project a success. These are life saving devices allowing you and your family a head start to get out of the home safely. In the, not so long ago, past you had up to 10 minutes or more to escape a house fire before the heat and smoke became great enough to not be compatible with life. That time, through modern products, has been reduced to around 3 minutes. A home and contents can be replaced, a life can not. We are proud to provide these with the assistance of the Lawrence County Community Foundation grant that allowed us to make this purchase and provide your family with needed safety. 

So if you emailed in the survey, be looking for the smoke detector to arrive soon. 

It's turning colder out and this is when everybody starts to fire up wood stoves and furnaces. We highly recommend that you have your heat source checked by a certified technician prior to heating your home. Together we can make sure that we all can stay safe through the winter months. 

As always, be safe


Paul D. Gillespie 

Fire Chief 

Marion Twp. Fire Dept.  

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